Hardware / Software


We can diagnose, repair and upgrade most computer hardware problems, including PC’s, Mac’s, and UNIX Boxes. We would be happy to provide advice if you are unsure about a repair or upgrade.
> Graphics card replacement / upgrade
> Memory replacement / upgrade
> Motherboard replacement / upgrade
>     Disk replacement / upgrade any data from the old disk can be moved across to the new disk
> CD/DVD drive replacement / upgrade
> Laptop Repairs, Laptop not starting, screen blank, power connector damaged
>     Networking problems of all kinds, cable problems, Network interface cards, connections to broadband, dial-up modem problems, wireless connection problems, wireless security
… and various other hardware issues


We have experience of working with many Operating systems and Software packages.
> Operating systems – Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS
> Spreadsheet – Excel
> Database – Access, Oracle, Informix
> Word Processing – Word
> E-mail – Outlook, Outlook Express
> Accounting – Sage, Quickbooks
> Web browsing – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape
… and various other tools and utilities