Backups, what backups ? A very common statement. A backup can be as simple as a paper copy of the important document your can’t be without. The main thing to think about is that computers are not infallible, and what would you do if we told you that we couldn’t repair it. The main thing to understand about a backup is that it only works if the information that is valuable to you is in TWO places. As an example – buying an external hard drive and transferring all your important photos on to it, and then freeing up the space they occupied on the computer. This sounds great BUT the problem has only been moved. I.E. the chances of the external hard drive failing are pretty much the same as your computer failing. The ideal answer is to keep the data on the computer as well as on the external hard drive.

We can design a backup system that will meet all your requirements. This can be as simple as a £10 USB memory stick or as complicated as an external hard drive with built in protection in the form of a dual hard drive configuration. We can even arrange for your data to be transferred over broadband to a secure remote backup location.