What can we do to help

Some of our Services are listed here, if you don’t see the service you require then give us a call or send us an email or contact us via the contact us page. We like to think that we can cope with anything to do with computers, and if we can’t we can probably help you with advice on where you can get the help you need.

Backups, New PC or other Equipment, Website Design and Hosting


Website Design and Hosting

Our website designers can take the information from you, and design your website the way you want it. We can then Host the website for you and provide email address to match the website. The first thing to think about before designing the website is thinking of the name, or domain name as it is called. For us the name Instant Computer Solutions became www.instantcomputersolutions.co.uk the instantcomputersolutions.co.uk is our domain name. We can register the name you choose for you and it then becomes your property that nobody else can take from you. Be careful as it is common practise for people to register a domain name that you are looking for and then sell it back to you for a lot of money so if you have an idea of the name give us a call and we can register it straight away to stop anybody else grabbing it.